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Без подглядывания в словарь, как вы думаете что такое vomitorium?

Встретила такую надпись на одном из помещений на стадионе. Даже не помещение а проход. Интересно это название оттуда, из античности?.

Кто ничего не понял, смотреть под катом.

The vomitorium myth

The ancient Roman vomitorium, or vomitoria, were supposedly places where diners could go and void their stomachs during a meal, in order to make room for more delicacies. There are even detailed descriptions of the rooms, stating that they had large slabs or pillars to lean over that would better facilitate voiding the stomach. Though it might come as a disappointment to preteen boys studying Latin, the vomitorium of such lore is a myth. A true vomitoria is actually a well-designed passage within an ampitheater that allowed large numbers of Romans to file in and out of large spaces quickly. The root of the word, vomere, translates to "spew out," which makes sense when applied to hurried exits. 

Можно на каждом Emergency Exit  написать VOMITORIUM

И с картинкой будет хорошо сочетаться 

тем кого интересует этимология выражений сюда http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/index.htm
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