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Музей "Водоканал" в Петербурге.

 Жаль, что я не там, а то бы в выходные сходила.


Подписи к фотографиям на английском, переводить мне, конечно, лень, но я надеюс- вы и так все поймете.

The museum is situated in a old water tower.

In front of the museum, you will find this water carrier and his dog.

This fountain welcomes all visitors of the museum.

The museum occupies the 3rd, 5th and 6th floors and the elevator is available only for the employees.

On the 3rd froor, there is an exposition showing water supply systems used in ancient cities.


These posters contain a lot of interesting information.

That’s how people washed their faces and bathed many years ago.

The city of Solovki.

A wooden sluice.

The color of each cask depended on the water it was used to carry. Thus, in white casks they would bring drinking water from the Neva River; yellow ones were used for drinking water which was a little bit dirtier (from the Moika and Fontanka). Green casks were used for the dirtiest water people used in their everyday life and never drank.

Some avant-garde on the walls.

A manhole cover from Malta.

This sledge was used to bring water in wintertime.

These are photographs of the employees of ‘Vodokanal’ who worked here during the Siege of Leningrad.

The dispatcher’s control panel.

Tools of ‘Vodokanal’ plumbers (these are more or less modern exhibits).

These tools were found by workers who built the water supply systems.

A mini water treatment plant.

Awards of ‘Vodokanal’.

Official papers related to forming the company.

On the upper floor, you can find different flasks where they test water.

These manhole covers were made in Russia.

More photos of the museum exhibits.

The office of the manager of ‘Vodokanal’.

This is a view which opens from the water tower.

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