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Столы архитекторов

Architects' desks: Jo McCafferty, director at Levitt Bernstein

Jo McCafferty's desk 

Architects' desks: Heinz Richardson, director at Jestico & Whiles

Heinz Richardson's desk

Architects' desks: Steven Holl, principal at Steven Holl Architects

Steven Holl's desk

Architects' desks: Neil Deely, director at Metropolitan Workshop

Neil Deely's desk

Architects' desks: Patrick Michell, partner at Platform 5 Architects

Platform 5's desk

Architects' desks: Will Alsop, director at ALL Design

Will Alsop's desk

Architects' Desks: Jose Esteves De Matos, co-director at De Matos Ryan

Jose Esteves De Matos's desk

Architects' desks: Robert Adam, director at Adam Architecture

Robert Adam's desk

Architects' desks: Bob Allies and Graham Morrison, directors of Allies & Morrison

Bob Allies & Graham Morrison's desk

Architects' desks: Sam Jacob, director at FAT

Sam Jacob's desk 

Tags: architecture, starchitect

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