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SAHRDC (South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre), New Delhi (India)
Architect: Anagram Architects (India)



brick wall detail 01 brick wall detail 01

brick wall detail 02 brick wall detail 02

View PDF here: http://www.archi-europe.com/archi-bau-awards/winners/146-1.pdf

To begin with a six brick module of bricks on edge was devised for the construction of the wall. This was so that the module would cubic in shape and therefore directionally inert. Bricks were laid on edge so that the voids created by missing bricks would substantially contribute to the porosity in the central portion.

But using a 6 brick module created to very basic masonry concerns:

For proper alignment (prevention of corbelling), all the centres of the modules in a vertical stack had to fall on one perfectly vertical axis around which the module would rotate. This was difficult to estimate accurately on site during bricklaying (owing to human errors).

The other issue was verification of plumbness of every course. Dropping an accurate plumb line from one course to the next was not feasible since the brick faces were not in the same plane.

A single vertical stack was built and rebuilt five times on site with both the architects and the masons trying to co-strategise on a simple and practical brick laying technique that could be replicated by the various masonry teams without relying heavily on the individual skills of a master mason.


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