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" ...в западном мире, женщины составляют не более 20% лицензированных практикующих специалистов, б отличии от 50% женщин в архитектурной школе....".

Почитать мнение практикующих женщин-архитекторов по этому поводу можно здесь >>>

мне больше всего понравилось это :

"It's a competitive profession - if women aren't ready for competition then they will face disappointment. Boys have friendly competition built into their socialization. Girls have a schizophrenic relationship with competition. The best women employees I've had all competed at something when they were young - sports, dance, music. These women understand the role of training for a goal and that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose - not everyone gets a trophy just for showing up. "

Cary Bernstein, Cary Bernstein Studio
Tags: architecture, жизнь

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