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Nuit Blanche Toronto (3rd Annual)

Nuit Blanche Toronto (3rd Annual)

Любители современного искусства (да и просто любители потусоваться) могут себе устроить бессонную ночь с субботы на воскресенье.

С заката (7:03pm) в субботу 4 октября до восхода (7:14am) в воскресенье 5 октября в центральных районах города будут проходить разные интересные события: выставки, независимые проекты, инсталляции.


Zone A: Downtown North
Zone B: Downtown South
Zone C: South/West

A-Z list of all projects

Опыт показывает, что в этот список смотреть бесполезно, а надо брать брошюру в информационном киоске с планом выставок и инсталлюций и идти куда глаза глядят идти куда глаза глядят , буквально!
И есть большая вероятность наткнуться на что-нибудь интересное.

Информационные киоски
-Yonge-Dundas Square,
-Scotia Plaza -40 King Street West
-Lamport Stadium south parking lot (1151 King Street West. )

Метро будет работать всю ночь (до 7 утра) Какие станции будут открыты можно посмотреть здесь>>
Машину запарковать где-то в центре будет ооочень маловероятно.И единственный минус у этого мероприятия - огромное количество народу

Кое что из того, что нам обещают в этом году
Stereoscope is an interactive light installation at Toronto City Hall. This installation by the German group Project Blinkenlights transforms the landmark towers into a huge display screen by arranging lamps behind each of the 960 windows of the building. From dusk till dawn, the fa硤e will serve as an ever-changing and evolving kaleidoscope of graphic animations automatically generated and interactively orchestrated. The public can influence "Stereoscope" through a variety of interfaces including smartphones, the web and physical controllers located at Nathan Phillips Square.  Fujiwara Takahiro’s "Into the Blue" is a giant, illuminated, transparent cone-shaped balloon.  Toronto Eaton Centre, 220 Yonge Street (Albert Street Entrance)   art collective BGL will construct a 40 metre long drop ceiling in the alley of St. Enoch's Square beside Massey Hall, framing the dumpsters, recycling bins and other life of the alleyway in the cool fluorescent light of the modern office.  For Nuit Blanche de Broin continues his investigations into resistance, reorganization and chaos with a waterfall flowing from a third story window. ; For Nuit Blanche de Broin continues his investigations into resistance, reorganization and chaos with a waterfall flowing from a third story window. Former Prison Chapel, East Liberty Street and Lynn Williams Street

SMASH! Droppin' Stuff will take place in twelve installments over the course of the night, with video replay running in between shows. Each show will feature several objects, each one introduced by an emcee and dropped to musical accompaniment. Live video feed of each object will be projected on the wall for close-up action shots; Parking lot at 60 Atlantic Avenue, north of Artscape   Interactive video installation; Seven figures are dressed in camouflage, a fashion which has become increasingly popular since the War on Terror campaign. Click on the figures and they move. They copy, they imitate. Click one, click two. Choose a leader. Become a leader, and the rest will follow. Exercise 1-2-3-4. One Bend. Two Bend. Three Bend. Stay Look Straight – Don’t See – STAY. We allow the media to think for us and amputate individual reasoning. Mental and physical activity slip from the mechanical to the mindless; into fear, chaos and violence against an enemy that does not exist. Everybody Bend. Don’t Talk. Don’t See. Don’t Hear. ; 153 Dufferin Street, entrance via Mowat Avenue,   STILLNESSENCE, 2004-8; Hundreds of life-size Torontonians are projected on multiple screens in a never-ending, constantly changing, apparently still movie. ; Rainbow Cinemas, 80 Front Street East (between Church & Jarvis)     Distillery District - Dance Ontario; Following its success in 2007, Dance Ontario’s second dusk til dawn Nuit Blanche excursion will highlight the edgy, urban talents of Octamerous who have been commissioned to create an original site-specific movement and sound performance featuring the next wave of the city’s most innovative dancers and vocalists within a multi-channel soundscape created by Chris Willes. Issues of time dissolve as travelling dances trace different paths across the site and explorations merge the Distillery’s storied past with its present revitalization. Performers Amanda Acorn, Masuyo Higashide, Emily Law, Julia Male, Brodie Stevenson, Robin Dann, Thom Gill, Charlotte Mundy, Alex Samaras and Willes will draw from the physical history of the Distillery District, in a riveting and revealing work that travels throughout the entire site.    Always wanted to star in your own film?  National Film Board Mediatheque, 150 John St


Несколько фото с прошлогоднего фестиваля
nuit blanche<

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