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The design of the façade is based on the

phenomenon of persistence of vision. (Persistence of vision is the phenomenon of the eye by which even nanoseconds of exposure to an image result in milliseconds of reaction (sight) from the retina to the optic nerves). From a distance the vertical fins create an illusion of a solid mass. While they give the occupants an uninterrupted view of the outside.

The false façade with powder coated aluminum vertical fins and multi layered poly carbonated sheets as its main feature is the functional skin of the building. It plays multiple roles of filtering the sunlight while allowing enough air ventilation. Its double layer with cavity walls creates an air gap, which acts as a buffer between the extreme hot external environment and air conditioned cooler environment inside the building. Thereby minimizing the cooling loss and energy consumption of the building. Pegasus’s façade is also design in such a way that it intelligently conceals plumbing and AC services.

Jagrut Patel has made use of multi – layered poly carbonated sheets make the façade non – static. It reflects light and hence gives the building a new look every time the sky changes its color. It also diffuses the light evenly for the interiors.

Tags: architecture, facade, materials

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