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Интерактивный бар в Кельне

'A team of 15 students from the FH Mainz-Gestaltung created Interactive Kölsch in a hotel's basement in Cologne, Germany.'

Группа немецких студентов создала интерактивный бар в Кельне.
Посетителям выдаются coasters (подставки под напитки), которые может читать компьютер и их движение по столу влияет на освещение.

'Guests placed their coaster on a special interactive table; it had software inside to transmit data to the LED lights.'

'A coasters´ movement is reflected in corresponding LED lights above, which shrink or grow in size and brightness in response.'

'When a visitor bought a beer, they were given a blue or pink coaster with a specific pattern on the back which was readable by a computer.' 


Tags: interior, ~germany, технологии

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