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Фаллопиевы трубы на обед

Hung Fook Tong

Hasma, or frog fallopian tubes (did I mention this was not a genre of food you can find at your corner store?) is a clear jelly-like substance with no particular flavour. The hasma is present ostensibly for naturopathic health benefits and to add texture to the dish.

Hung Fook Tong

70 Silver Star Blvd
Toronto(416) 335-8892
Hours: Mon-Sun 12 pm - 2 am

"....The perfect place to end a night of singing from pacific mall. ...."

".....Their black sesame glutinous rice balls in taro sweet soup is also a must-try. ..." 

".....I do enjoy my Durian Tapioca soup...."

".....I hate this place,  I hate this place, I hate this place. Did I mention I hate this place?...."


Tags: food, info, ~toronto

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