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New World Center, Miami

architect frank gehry .

the 'new world center' by frank gehry in downtown miami, florida
all images courtesy gehry partners
image © claudia uribe

glass curtain wall
image © claudia uribe

view into the main atrium
image © claudia uribe

sun shade on north facade
image © tomas loewy

main atrium
image © claudia uribe

stair forms
image © claudia uribe

(left) open sky light
image © todd eberle
(right) staircase
image © claudia uribe

box office and entrance
image © claudia uribe

performance hall
image © claudia uribe

the new world symphony performing the world premiere of 'polaris: voyage for orchestra' on the night of the inaugural concert
(music by thomas adès and film by tal rosner)
image © rui dias-adios

outside the center on opening night

in urban context
image © claudia uribe

architect frank gehry with founder and artistic director of the new world symphony, michael tilson thomas

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500 17th Street Miami Beach


Tags: *arch on map, `frank gehry, architecture, starchitect, ~usa, ~usa_florida

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