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Абсолют-ная география

Absolut Amsterdam. 


Boat passing through icebergs in an ocean.

Same as Absolut Peak.  Aerial view of a ski slope.

Ancient stone ruins shaped as a bottle.

Aerial view of Atlanta's airport.  Planes are parked in a way that forms a bottle.

Aerial view of a harbor that has many ships docked in the shape of a bottle.

Mosaic tiles on a fountain in the shape of a bottle.







Picture outside of a market place in Bologna.

Bags of tea in the water formed in the shape of a bottle.
commemorate the 225th aniversary of the Boston Tea Party on December 16th, 1774 when American colonists, angry with paying a high tax on tea imported from Britain, threw cases of tea off ships docked in Boston Harbor into the water.

Cable car ride over the city

Antique object in the shape of a bottle.


Eggs cooking on the hot pavement.
"It's so hot that it's 110° in the shade!".

Absolut 6.0. 

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