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150 любимых зданий Америки

Проект Американской Ассоциации Архитекторов

Вы можете проголосовать за ваше любимое здание


The Top 10 List

  1. Empire State Building - Shreve, Lamb & Harmon 
  2. The White House - James Hoban 
  3.  Washington National Cathedral - George Bodley and Henry Vaughan, FAIA
  4. Jefferson Memorial - John Russell Pope, FAIA
  5. Golden Gate Bridge – Irving F. Morrow and Gertrude C. Morrow
  6. U.S. Capitol - William Thornton, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Charles Bulfinch, Thomas U. Walter, FAIA, Montgomery C. Meigs
  7. Lincoln Memorial - Henry Bacon, FAIA
  8. Biltmore Estate/Vanderbilt Mansion - Richard Morris Hunt, FAIA
  9. Chrysler Building - William Van Alen, FAIA
  10. Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Maya Lin with Cooper-Lecky Partnership
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