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Mini House –Craven

Попалась наглядная раскладка сколько за что надо заплатить, чтобы построить дом в Торонто.

Участок: в центре города 4.2м х 21.3
Площадь дома 52.5 кв. м.
Высота потолка - 6м. 

• Soft Costs (Architect, Engineer, surveyor) $30,000
• City Fees (Minor variance, PAL Review and Building Permit) $5,000
• Land Costs and Lawyer Fees $125,000
• Construction Costs (all in costs for construction) $250,000
• City Services (Hydro, Gas, Water, Sewer) $15,000


Правда клиент специфический.

Аскет-йог, который спит на коврике. 

А дом получился такой:

Andrew Reeves of Linebox Studio on the stoop at Patrick Flynn's Craven Rd. home. Photo by Dave LeBlanc.
на фотографии выше, я думаю не йог, а архитектор ))

Photos courtesy LineBox Studio












А это, я так понимаю, спальня


Участок до застройки

Как происходил весь процесс можно почитать на блоге

Пояснение архитектора к обсуждению  http://www.dwell.com/articles/mini-house.html

  • Good to see this project is raising some great architectural debates. RD....The article and I didn't mention that the bedroom is designed to have a retractable bed that retreats into the closet (Murphy bed like). It was designed this way so the bedroom could also act as a bedroom and a library (once the bed was up) with a reading bench below it, library shelves in the closet and interesting views to the double height space below as well as the outside landscaping. (Client is a avid reader) The client also wanted spaces, furniture and the program to be flexible as he tends to rearrange his spaces and how he uses them. In the end the client didn't install the bed as he did and continues to sleep on a yoga mat. Also worth noting the concrete floor is heat (both levels) with radiant in floor hydronic heat (both the heat and the domestic hot water). Budget .....We have to compare apples to apples here. The $385,000 is everything in. Land cost, my fees, lawyer fees, interest on the mortgage during construction,13k land transfer tax (city of Toronto), 13% sales tax, sewer and water connection, contractors profit ect. We wanted to show all the numbers and present a real budget with no hidden numbers like most projects tend to show. If your talking typical construction standards they normally use “gross floor area” and construction cost only as all other costs are outside their budget. In this case the gross area is 620s.f and the construction cost is $205,000.  S.F. pricing for a house this small is not a fair way to price it. I think a better way is to check its efficiency is to compare it to typical downtown Toronto Loft at 620s.f.  You will find the cost of these Lofts  to be the same or more then $385,000.(He got a custom stand alone home that’s designed for him).

    Andrew Reeves 11/04/2010

  • In regards to budget and efficiency the house is also designed have one of the double height spaces to be covered.  This  would add a 2nd bedroom or other social space with a double height space in the front. This would add 210s.f. with little cost. However, this is not what the client wanted for his home and lifestyle. This being said we designed it for expansion to be flexible in the future as we recognize the economics of resale an other lifestyles. Railings. The interior railings only require a railing on side as per code. The outside orange colored plexi glass and metal railing is being installed soon as we had a hard time finding orange plexi glass. Thanks for all the posts. I will check in from time to time and respond.

    Andrew Reeves 11/04/2010



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