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Современные частные дома в Торонто - 2

Современные частные дома в Торонто - 1

 Как я уже писала современные частные дома в застройке торонто не бросаются в глаза.
Я бы даже сказала - надо приложить некоторые усилия, чтобы их найти.
Город застоен домами в  неоисторическом стиле.
Напримет вот такими таунхаузами  или вот такими побогаче в Richmond Hill
иногда строят дома на задворках (Laneway Housing - Дома на задворках ), вот они, как правило всегда современного дизайна.
А вообще типичная торонтская новая застойка выглядит так >>

Но попадаются иногда исключения (впрочем я рада, что исключения, от этого они еще интереснее становятся, да и качество не падает,. К тому же. чтобы такой дом построить и заказчит должен попасться специальный)

Ravine House , 2002
KPMB architects 



Evergreen Garden Residence, 2006
6 Evergreen Gardens

Photo by livinginacity on Flickr  by livinginacity

This house was designed by an architect previously unmentioned on UT, Drew Mandel. The asymmetry and still modest scale is an exquisite continuation of the modernist spirit of the postwar houses.



The Ravine Residence by Cindy Rendely Architexture



73 Highland Crescent
Wayne Swadron

в данный момент продается за $7.28-million
Кстати, для интересующихся: налог на землю в данном районе, за подобный дом 50 тыс. в год

Source: The Globe and Mail – A Ravine Dream Come True 

Euclid Avenue House by Levitt Goodman Architects  
 328 Euclid Avenue


про этот дом можно прочитать у 1dom



83A Marlborough Avenue, 2002
83A Marlborough Avenue
Toronto, Summerhill

Photo by Bob Krawczyk

Mandel's most famous and award-winning building so far has been built to more urban dimensions; the lot is thirteen feet wide. He was teased that the one hundred fifty thousand dollar lot could only accommodate a bowling lane. He managed to overcome the limitations to produce a bright house with high ceilings, interesting interior materials, and leaving room for a back yard.


  • Architect : David Miller Responsible for site plan approval.
  • Architect : Drew Mandel Acted as an Intern Architect on this project.
  • Architect : Maclennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects
  • Architect : Amy Faulkner
  • This house won a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 1993, an Award from the Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Awards in 2003, and an Award of Excellence for Intern Projects from the Ontario Association of Architects Awards in 2004.

Fraser House, 1968
4 Old George Place

Photo by Bob Krawczyk

This is a house that's often mentioned, yet rarely photographed it seems. This is likely due to the large setback and vegetation. It's significant because it was conceived by Ron Thom, the BC native who also composed the masterplan and designed the buildings for both the U of T's Massey College and Trent University. Interestingly enough, Drew Mandel cites this house as a source of inspiration (in this article).

Wolf House, 1974
51 Roxborough Drive
Arch. Barton Myers. (Diamond & Myers)

Photo by Bob Krawczyk

This is another house by Barton Myers. It continued Myers' experimentation with the use of off-the-shelf industrial components in his architecture. At the time he was working on prototypes for mass-produced housing, so perhaps it's ironic that his modernism ultimately produced such a unique Toronto house.


Ways Lane Residence - a laneway house
1 Ways Lane
Arch. A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt and Company




Restingvessell house
34 Bayview Avenue,Toronto Islands 



31 Millbank , 2006
31 Millbank Avenue
Toronto, Forest Hill
 Architect : Farrow Architects


546 Richmond Street West, Toronto

See the 2005 Ontario Association of Architects awards, where it won an award in the Residential A (Single family dwelling) category.


1007 Craven Road, .
Architect : Shim Sutcliffe




cascade house by Paule Raff Studio




63°House by Atelier rzlbd

Economic House Located in Toronto Canada Design By Atelier rzlbd 01 63 Degree House – Economic House Located in  Toronto, Canada Design By Atelier rzlbd


12 Cassels by Reigo & Bauer


Courtyard House by studiojunction
2087R Davenport Road  map


 Продолжение следует

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