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Эти посты будут для меня закладками вместо того, чтобы делать их в explorer-e буду сохранять выжимку здесь.
Может и кто из читающих меня архитекторов пошлет свой проект на конкурс тоже.
Часто это не так уж сложно - несколько фотографий и пара сотен слов на английском с описанием проекта.
В основном это будут конкурсы на уже реализованные здания.
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Western Red Cedar Architectural Design Awards

The Western Red Cedar Architectural Design Awards specifically recognize innovative design using one of the world’s most unique building materials, Western Red Cedar. All entries must be submitted by July 30, 2010

- 5 high resolution photos
- site layout and floor plans
- 250 word project description

International Architecture Award for Innovative Interior Design Concepts

three main categories: progressive work environments, creative hotel and restaurant interiors, and innovative shops and exhibition stands.

registration - July 2       submission - July 16

- two display board in A1 format per project
- explanatory report (one A4)

Annual Design Review
Register/Submit: Friday, July 09, 2010

ARCHITECT’s Annual Design Review is a juried competition celebrating the best of American architecture. Winners are selected from built projects completed over the last year, and awards will be given in six project-type categories: Work, Play, Live, Grow, Move and Bond. Projects must have been completed after June 30, 2009, and must have been built in the United States or designed by a U.S. firm. Judging will take place in August 2010. Winning entries will be notified in September 2010 and published in the November 2010 issue of ARCHITECT

July 9, 2010: regular submission deadline (postmark)
July 14, 2010: late submission deadline (postmark, additional fee required)

Projects must have been built in the United States or have been designed by a U.S. firm

20+10+X Architecture Awards 8th Cycle
Register/Submit: Friday, July 23, 2010


ALL PROJECTS uploaded to the portal are considered as candidates for WA Awards, so we invite architects, architecture students from ALL COUNTRIES to submit their buildings (realized or not) of ANY TYPE for the appreciation of the WA Community.

All projects submitted or updated by their architects after 23 April 2010 will be evaluated for the WA Awards 8th Cycle.
Tags: architecture, awards

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