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How to Make a Chinese Sliding Knot

How to Make a Chinese Sliding Knot

A Chinese sliding knot can be quite useful if you want to make adjustable necklaces or bracelets.


Place two ends of satin cord (1-3mm diameter, depending on your project) facing opposite directions, with the strands roughly parallel.

Fold end "a" to meet with and face the same direction as "b". This should create a hole/loop between the two strands.

Hold the loop created in the previous step with your thumb. Wrap the loose end of strand "a" around your index finger, the standing part of strand "a", and strand "b" about three times.

Pull your finger out carefully, making sure that you preserve the coil. It's slippery stuff, and will want to uncoil! While still holding on to the top of the loop/coil with your thumb and forefinger, thread the loose end of strand "a" back up through the coil (and through the loop).

Gently pull the loose end of strand "a", and the other end of strand "a" away from each other. You will need to do this carefully to make sure the coil doesn't unravel, and to keep the coil tightening evenly.

Pull the ends tightly, then clip off the extra, overhanging part of strand "a". You can burn it with a lighter or candle flame to "melt" the end of the strand; however, this shouldn't be necessary when the knot is tied securely.


  • Give yourself plenty of cord to work with until you are more experienced at estimating how much you need.
  • This will take some practice to get right reliably

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