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City Hall Subway Station, NYC

заброшенная станция метро в Нью Йорке
Была построена в 1904 году. Закрыта в 1945



Нью Йоркцы FYI

Touring: 4 5 6 trains to Brooklyn Bridge. From the south end of the downtown platform, watch the 6 train turn sharply right into the loop as it leaves empty, and it will reappear on the far side a minute later, having gone round the loop. There is officially no way to view the station, although it would be easily seen from the 6 train in the loop. The three station skylights corresponded to three gratings in City Hall Park, but they have been covered over in the past few years; a solid hatch door appears to mark one of them. 

Not too long ago, the Transit Museum conducted occasional tours of the old station,


НЙ Abandoned Stations



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