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Конкурсы для фотографов и любителей

Чтобы принять участие в  большинстве этих конкурсов не надо быть профессионалом

11 January: Best Winter Photo Contest
Enter the Best winter photo competition (winter, snow, ice, mountains, snowflakes, snowman, frozen, sledge, reindeer, Santa Clause, Lapland)  with a prize fund $35
Deadline: 130 Entries
Entry Fee: $3
Prize: $350 Prize Fund
Eligibility: Worldwide competition minimum age 18</span>

15 January: Xto Image Awards
Photography and Illustration competition inspired by the human form
Deadline: January 15, 2010
Entry Fee: 30
Prize: $3000 of Cash Prizes & Exhibition
What is a global woman? That is the question that you, the photographer, can answer with your lens.
Deadline: 15 January 2010
Entry Fee: $25
Prize: 1st Prize: $1,000
15 January: Holiday Photography Contest for a Canon Rebel SLR!
Submit your best holiday shot, anything goes! Get as many votes as you can for a chance to win!
Deadline: 15th January 2010
Entry Fee: Premium Membership
Prize: Canon Rebel SLR 10.1 MP Digital Camera
Eligibility: 13+/USA
The Most Colourful Photo competition (wildlife, citylife, landscapes, buildings, colours)
Entry Fee: $12
Prize: $650
Deadline: 15th January 2010
Entry Fee: Free
Prize: 1st Prize: Your choice of a ZEISS SLR lens

Остальные конкурсы здесь http://www.photographycompetitions.net
Если кто-то хочет поучаствовать, но не совсем понимает условия, обращайтесь переведу
Tags: competition, photo

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