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Mies Rising!

Mies Rising!

Такого безобразия, как сейчас в центре еще в помине не было
Представляю, как большинство жителей Торонто костерили Мисса за то, что он делает с их городом.
К тому же, такое здание разрушили

и еще одно
File:Rossin House Hotel.jpg

А сейчас... очень даже органично среди всех этих стеклянных коробок.

Toronto Dominion Centre, 1967



..In addition to change in the suburbs, development transformed the business and commercial districts of the downtown in modern times. Two important icons of this shift from the 1960s were New City Hall on Queen Street West and the Toronto-Dominion Centre at King and Bay, the latter being the first of the international style post-war bank towers that now dominate the skyline. The TD project also saw the destruction of a splendid 1913 classical bank building (based on the design of the Paris Bourse), which could have been preserved beside the new office towers without difficulty, but which fell to the wrecker because it did not ‘fit' the architectural vision for the larger TD site. The loss of such landmarks encouraged people to demand that more of the city's built heritage be preserved in the face of the demolitions that accompanied modernization. In the end, public opinion and City Council, supported by weak provincial preservation laws, saved many threatened structures, such as Old City Hall, which had been scheduled to make way for a set of standard office towers in the initial plans for the Eaton Centre. Nevertheless, many other important landmarks fell.

Old Bank of Toronto Building, c.1913

Toronto-DominionCentre Model, c.1963

Library and Archives Canada

City of Toronto Archives


TD Centre U/C:


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