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Новый капсульный отель в Киото

designer masaaki hiromura and interior designer takaaki nakamura

1+7+1=9h (nine hours)
1 час на душ + семь часов на сон + 1 час собраться

The hotel will be a nine-story building. Front desk on the 1st floor, lounge on the 2nd floor, women's lockers and showers on floor 3, 50 capsules for female on floor 4 and 5, 75 capsules for male on floor 6 through 8, and men's locker room and showers on floor 9.

The rate is 4,900 yen (about $50). In spite of the name "nine hours", you can stay as long as 17 hours for this rate. Not as inexpensive as some hostels, but with the high prices of hotels and ryokan of Kyoto in mind, this might be a great option if you're travelling alone and just want to sleep off your jetlag.

Located in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, on Teramachi street between department store Fujii Daimaru and convenience store AMPM, two minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station.



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