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La Defense

La Defense
UNStudio Netherlands

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Офисный комплекс.
Отделка наружных фасадов аллюминиевыми панелями.
Дворовые фасады оттделаны стеклом в которое интегриривана цветная фольга. Цвет зависит от времени дня и освещенности.

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La Defense is located behind Almere Central Station. The plan shows a neutral, rational organization with four separate bands of different lengths and heights covering the irregular plot. The proposal links these bands to some extent in a more integrated urban solution which ties in with the new, larger-scale

The essentially closed complex is interrupted at two points, creating a link with the park to the rear. Raising the ground level from the town side strengthens the link. Parking facilities are provided under the building rather than in between the units, creating a pleasant inner area. The units vary in height from 5 or 6 to 3 or 4 levels, the top level often being doubled.


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Посетить : http://www.mimoa.eu/projects/Netherlands/Almere/La%20Defense Project is not public!

Tags: architecture, ~netherland

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