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Возвращение железной дороги

Click to view national high speed rail map
Check out our plan for a NEW DEAL to fix America

Обещают поезда со скоростью 220 mph (354 км/ч)
Но меня то, конечно радует то, что Торонто тоже включено в эту сеть( к 2025 году).

Поезда >>>

Остается только надеяться, что билеты будут стоить не так как сейчас.

"It was all down hill after that, when industrial and political leaders in the auto, oil, and tire industries began their assault on the nation’s train system. At that time, there was a very limited market for cars, oil and tires because few had the need for a car. In 1936 General Motors, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California, and Phillips Petroleum got together to form a company called National City Lines, through which they systematically bought out over 100 electric streetcar rail systems nationwide giving them control of entire transit systems in more than 80 US cities. They started reducing service and removing trains nationwide, until by 1955, most of America’s streetcar rail systems were completely shut down. The next year, the Federal Government enacted the new highway act that began the new coast-to-coast US Interstate system, paving the way for the new car culture in America. This also opened the doors for the coast-to-coast explosion of suburbia, sprawl, and total car dependence. The rush to build a national drive-in utopia was on! This became the complete focus of our transportation dollars – road building and the expansion of aviation, while completely neglecting the nation’s remaining rail system, Amtrak. "........."The amount of money we have spent in Iraq could have built new high speed rail lines across America several times over, greatly reducing our need for oil, instead of being spent trying to secure more oil.".....
Andy Kunz is an urban designer and town planner, and the director of the websites www.NewUrbanism.org and www.NewTrains.org .

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