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От сумы да от тюрьмы не зарекайся

Когда за возможность попасть в тюрьму приходится платить

Boston, Massachusetts:
Mt. Gambier, Australia:
Luzern, Switzerland:
Liepaja, Latvia:
Oxford, England:

5 Jail Hotels (Where You Pay to Be In Prison): From Comfortable Cells to Nightmarish Slammers

И еще несколько альтернативных вариантов

Yotel airport hotel Отель в Аэропорту (Лондон, Амстердам). Почасовая оплата.

Tiniest Airport Hotel in the World

Amsterdam Schiphol_premium room (double bed )_8 hours=€97.00 standard room=€76.00
London Gatwick Airport South Terminal_premium room (double bed )_8 hours= £80.50

London Heathrow Airport
Terminal 4_premium room (double bed )_8 hours= £80.50

Остров El Hierro, Канары
Punta Grande stone hotel
Smallest Hotel on the Ocean Front

"But despite of its beauty, I rather not imagine staying there for a longer time. Because there is just NOTHING."

view map of Punta Grande Hotel

Капсульные отели в Японии

Bizarre Capsule Hotel Rooms

Capsule Hotel in Fukuoka - Видео

The Capsule Inn Akihabara (area of Tokyo, Japan.) - 3500 yen per night

The Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany
каждая комната в своем стиле
Fully Mirrored Art Hotel Room Jail Cell Bizarre Art Hotel Room

Hotel Room with Crazy Symbols Art Concept Hotel Room with Erotic Dance Cages

Padded Cell Flying Bed Orange Room Space-Cube

80-115 euro/night
The room rates are for one person. Each further person in a room costs additional 15 Euro per night. The breakfast is 7 Euro per person.

Benesse Art Site Naoshima in Japan
~75000 yen

Beckham Creek Cave Haven
Arkansas Ozarks cave house, located in the Buffalo National River Country near Jasper

$1000 per night (up to 10 people)

Необычные отели мира (с поиском)

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