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Kanagawa Institute of Technology 
Арх. Junya Ishigami.  Юнья Ишигами.

Facility of Kanagawa Institute of Technology by naoyafujii.

Facility of Kanagawa Institute of Technology by naoyafujii.

Facility of Kanagawa Institute of Technology by naoyafujii.

Facility of Kanagawa Institute of Technology by naoyafujii.

by naoyafujii

Если кто заинтересовался, там 305 пяти метровых колонн.

Колонны расположены хаотично, с интервалами от 4 метров до 4 миллиметров. Вместе они должны создавать впечатление некоего идеального леса с проложенными между стволов деревьев тропинками.

Сейчас стало популярно создавать для университетов пространстава для так называемых "gathering",  я бы перевела - тусовок. Но тусовок в творческом смысле, когда пространство организуется группой в зависимости от насущных потребностей. Считается, что очень многие открытия происходили в неформальной обстановке и это стимулирует творческую деятельность.

Немного технических данных из  archrecord.

“Due to the complexity of the columns, it was important to keep the structural system as simple as possible,” says structural engineer Yasutaka Konishi, a contemporary of Ishigami’s who worked on SANAA projects during his five-year tenure at Sasaki Structural Consultants. It consists of three main steel components: a conventional two-way roof frame, 42 compression columns for vertical loads, and 263 post-tensioned columns that carry horizontal loads like mini sheer walls. Though both types of columns are anchored with simple concrete footings, the compression and tension members connect to the roof frame with welded and pin joints, respectively. Because many of the supports do not align with the roof’s 5-by-3-foot girder grid, Konishi inserted extra beams to bridge the gaps.

Despite their separate roles, the tension and compression members look the same to the naked eye. “I was striving for ambiguity even among the columns,” explains Ishigami. But due to their oblong shapes, individual columns may appear different depending on the visitor’s viewpoint—an illusion that compounds the intricacy of Ishigami’s composition. Coated with white paint, each column is actually a slice of steel plate. Cut in various widths from slabs of three different thicknesses, each was tailored to the architect’s exacting specifications. This unusual fabrication technique accommodated every permutation from the thinnest tension member, measuring 0.63-by-6 inches (16-by-145 mm), to the thickest compression member, measuring 3-by-4 inches (63-by-90 mm).

Construction was equally unorthodox. After workers put compression members and the roof frame in place, they suspended tension members from the girders but did not attach them at the bottom until after weighting the roof to simulate the snow load. “No one had ever built like this before,” says Konishi. “I thought the building might sink or fall over.” But when the weights were removed, the taut steel planes snapped into place and the roof popped up as expected. Made of steel deck with wire-reinforced-glass inserts, the roof tilts slightly to drain rainwater, and weighs as little as possible to handle earthquake forces. The designers put the exterior glass skin on a similar kind of materials diet. It’s a mere 0.39 inches (10 mm) thick, but does require beefy glass ribs for vertical stability.

Простите, переводить лень.

А если кого-то интересует, как же это отапливается, то я ничео об этом не нашла(

В 2008 году Дзюнья Исигами получил Премию фонда Якова Чернихова "Вызов времени" за этот проект



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