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Архитекторы для себя

Архитектурные офисы

Architects Office, Los Angeles, California
Lehrer Architects LA

Arcari + Iovino Architects Office
Little Ferry, NJ

Bodley and Garner’s office
About 1883
Modern copy photograph of an original in the RIBA Library Photographs Collection
RIBA Library Photographs Collection

This rare photograph of a Victorian architect's office shows a group of Bodley and Garner's assistants in 14 South Square, Gray's Inn, London. On the far right is Edward Warren; on the far left is Arthur Skipworth. The other two figures have not been identified. On the wall behind them are two watercolours of St Augustine, Pendlebury.

Source: Library of Congress CALL NUMBER LC-USF344- 003569-ZB
A 1940s architectural office.


Foster and Partners,

OMA New York,

Work AC.


John Fleming Architects

SERA Architects Office

Walk station


The sedentary desk job may one day be a thing of the past. The University Architect’s Office received a lot of visitors this month, including personnel from the Student Recreational Sports Center, who were interested in a “test drive” of the Walkstation, a piece of equipment that allows an employee to check E-mail and do simple tasks at a desk while toting up a few treadmill miles. Pictured here taking a spin is Andrew Lowry, assistant director of building services at the Physical Plant in Bloomington.

CAST Architecture

JDS Architects Oslo

modern office interior
modern office interior
IA Interior Architects http://www.interiorarchitects.com/

Офис моей мечты
Архитектурное бюро Selgas Cano http://anirik-01.livejournal.com/286349.html

B+H,  Toronto

HOK,  Toronto

И офис, где я работаю

Это, конечно лобби. А так обычные кюбиклс.

показывайте свои.

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