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acronym. Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. The natural evolution of upwardly-mobile couples who have children and then one spouse stops working to raise the kids.
n. A woman who finds motherhood and her children tedious and uninteresting. [Acronym from Smart, Middle-Class, Uninvolved, Mother.]

(dinz) acronym. Double Income, No Sex; The state of a couple where both partners work but they are too tired or stressed to have sex.
(DUP.ee) n. A depressed urban professional; a person who once had a high-status or high-paying job and must now work in a menial or lower paying job.

wombat но это точно не о ней (нем) wombatik
n. Something that is profoundly uninteresting and/or useless
Tags: english, жизнь

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