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The Vocabulary Of Sprawl

Я же забыла дать вам ответы на вопросы Sprawl Quiz (правда надо сказать, что никто и не пытался на них ответить, все живо заинтересовались сложной урбанистической проблеммой))

И так, слова из сленга американских пригородов с иллюстрациями под катом

terms from A Field Guide to Sprawl with illustrative aerial photos by Jim Wark.

ALLIGATOR: Real estate that eats money – for instance, a plot that a developer has subdivided and is paying taxes on, but hasn’t yet developed.

GROUND COVER: Inexpensive, easily bulldozed buildings such as self-storage units, constructed to generate income while a developer holds land.

LULU: A “locally unwanted land use” creates a problem for people because of the way it looks, smells, sounds or pollutes. It may be a parking lot, a waste incinerator, a prison, or a nuclear facility.

STREETCAR BUILDOUT: “Between 1870 and 1910, horsecars and then electric streetcars carried people to lots subdivided by speculators who owned the transit lines. With the creation of vast neighborhoods of houses for working people, many cities double and tripled in size. Many streetcar buildouts were unplanned growth, but these neighborhoods were denser than ’sitcom suburbs’ of the 1950s, because they were not designed for private automobiles.” (Photo is of Roebling, NJ)

TANK FARM: A storage facility for oil or liquid natural gas.

T.O.A.D.: “Coined by planners and lawyers, TOAD is an acronym for a temporary, obsolete, abandoned, or derelict site. TOADs may be abandoned shopping malls or closed industrial sites, such as this abandoned blast furnace in Youngstown, Ohio.”

TRUCK CITY: “Facilities to serve the nation’s 92 million trucks are a familiar part of the landscape.”

ZOOMBURG: A suburb growing even faster than a “boomburg.”

А есть еще дополнительно несколько слов, (фотографии нашла в интернете)

Where residents accept restrictions, as in this gated community

gater (GAY.tur) n. A person who lives in a gated community.

Houses with protruding garages are outlawed, because they fail to pass the ''trick-or-treat test.'';

Building dense housing developments on former farmland is expedient (and profitable) because there are usually few planning restrictions.

Before there were pop-up ads, there were billboards,

The car graveyard, is a byproduct of Americans' insatiable appetite for cars.

кому интересно здесь почитайте
Model Houses for the Millions:
The Making of the American Suburban Landscape, 1820-2000

Dolores Hayden
© 2000 , Lincoln Institute of Land Policy , Working Paper

Попалась вот такая обложка к книге Privatopia, Homeowner Associations and the Rise of Residential Private Government
Всетаки это удивительно!


golden ghetto(GOHL.dun get.toh) n. An urban area with an above-average concentration of high-end stores and affluent housing; any prosperous area or situation.

mansionization(man.shun.eye.ZAY.shun) n. The tearing down an existing house and replacing it with one that is bigger, especially one that is much larger than the surrounding houses.

yuppie slumn. 1. An upscale neighborhood populated mostly with young professionals and managers. 2. A neighborhood with older and slightly run-down houses that young professionals purchase and renovate.

gayborhoodn. A neighborhood that is significantly or predominantly gay. Also: gaybourhood. [Blend of gay and neighborhood.]

vasectomy zoning(vas.EK.tuh.mee zoh.ning) n. Zoning laws and other restrictions that aim to keep children out of an area or neighborhood.

splittersn. A family that splits their time between two or more houses.

real estate refugeesn. People who move out of the city and into the surrounding suburbs and towns so they can purchase a larger home on a bigger lot.

starter castle(STAR.tur kas.ul) n. A large home built on a relatively small property.
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