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Самая большая крыша..

.. зеленая крыша в Канаде
Vancouver Convention Centre Green Roof

Year: 2008
Greenroof Type: Intensive
Greenroof Type: Intensive
Greenroof System: Custom
Roof Size: 261360 sq.ft.
Roof Slope: 1%
Access: Inaccessible, Private


Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project in November, 2008; Photo Courtesy ILD

Интервью с архитектором

time-lapse video of the entire construction process

October, 2008; Photo Courtesy ILDOctober, 2008; Photo Courtesy ILDPhoto Courtesy ILD
The new Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project in British Columbia, also known as the Vancouver Convention Centre West, is opening April 3, 2009 and is truly a model in sustainability for a civic building of this size. Designed by Seattle-based LMN Architects, the Vancouver Convention Centre West features a six-acre green roof, which is the largest in Canada and the largest non-industrial living roof in all of North America (as of April, 2009). Built over land and water on some 1,000 piles, the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project was completed in late 2008. In order to ensure that the expansion and existing facility are fully integrated, a glass-walled connector will link the facilities, providing delegates with exceptional harbour views as well as a seamless transition. Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass throughout the expansion, the green roof is landscaped with more than 400,000 indigenous plants and grasses from the Gulf Islands, providing natural habitat to birds, insects and small mammals. This unique ecosystem is planted over 12" of growing media, and the vegetated roof is just one of many environmental innovations included in the expansion. Additional highlights:

•­The green roof is designed to act as an insulator, projected to reduce summer heat gains by up to 95 percent and winter heat losses by up to 26 percent.

•Canadian Premier Gordon Campbell took part in the final planting, saying “The living roof … is going to be something that is recognized around the world.” See related story below.

•The convention centre project is on track to achieve LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Canada Gold certification.

•In 2010, the Vancouver Convention Centre West will serve as the international broadcast and media center for the XXI Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, and will be the focus of attention for millions of viewers worldwide.
October, 2008; Photo Courtesy ILDPhoto Courtesy ILD
ILD® was brought on board to test the integrity of the waterproofing membrane prior to the installation of the overburden and as a retest after the overburden was installed, resulting in the installation of International Leak Detection’s (ILD®) Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM®) system.

The custom greenroof system includes:
• Metal deck
• DensDeck
• Permaquik Membrane w/ root inhibitor
• 4” extruded insulation
• Filter cloth
• 12” engineered soil

Additional thumbnail photos:

November, 2008; Photo Courtesy ILDOctober, 2008; Photo Courtesy ILDA model of the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project; Image from LMN Architects, SeattleImage Courtesy: VCCEPOctober, 2008; Photo Courtesy ILD
Learn all about the Vancouver Convention Centre at their Home Page, and more about the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project on their website, including a webcam of their construction progress. Read "Dignitaries gather for some urban planting" by Mary Frances Hill of the Vancouver Sun of November 7, 2008 here. Read about ILD in The Greenroof Directory here. The Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project is highlighted in the 2009 Greenroofs of the World Calendar from Greenroofs.com in the month of April.

Canada's Largest Green Roof

Vancouver Convention Centre Features Canada's Largest Green Roof

Watch a video tour of the green roof, and view Flickr photos of the building

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