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Канадским диггерам посвящается

Colborne Collector, Montreal.

Adams Tailrace, Niagara Falls, NY.

Интервью с канадским диггером Майклом Куком (25 летний студент изучающий политическяю экономию и конфликты, занимается диггерством с 2003 )

Его website Vanishing Point., с планами, разрезами и с удивительными фотографиями всей этой красоты у нас под ногами.

Чтоб вы знали куда лезть Схема Торонто
А это специально для тех кто живет в Гамильтоне 

Have a good weekend!

[Image: The Memorial Park Storage Chambers in Toronto's Belt Line Drain; this is architecture as dreamed of by Adolf Loos: shaved of all ornament, exquisitely smooth, functional – while architecture schools were busy teaching Mies van der Rohe, civil engineers were perfecting the Modern movement beneath their feet].

[Image: "Stairs" by Michael Cook, from the Westview Greenbelt Drain].

[Images: (top) "Transition to CMP," from Toronto's Old Ironsides drain; (middle) "Junction with small sidepipe (falling in on the right)" inside Toronto's Graphic Equalizer drain; (bottom) "Backwards junction" in Toronto's Sisters of Mercy drain].

[Image: "Emerging in Wilson Heights," out of Toronto's Depths of Salvation drain].

[Image: The outfall of Toronto's Old Ironsides drain].

[Image: An "A-shaped conduit" in Toronto's Belt Line Drain].

[Image: (top) "Outfall structure in the West Don Valley," part of Toronto's Depths of Salvation drain; (bottom) The outfall of Toronto's Graphic Equalizer drain].
[Image: "Outfall in winter" at Toronto's Gargantua drain].

[Image: Looking out of a spillway at the Ontario Generating Station].

[Image: The "spectacular, formerly natural waterfall that the [Chedoke Falls Drain] now feeds," in Hamilton, Ontario].

[Images: A "short drop" in Toronto's beautifully torqued and ovoid Viceroy Drain].

[Images: Four glimpses of the vaulted topologies installed inside the Earth at Niagara's William Birch Rankine Hydroelectric Tailrace].

[Images: (top) Leaving the William Birch Rankine Hydroelectric Tailrace, Niagara Falls; (bottom) Tailrace outlet, William B. Rankine Generating Station].

[Image: "Transitions" inside the Duncan's Got Wood sewer, Toronto].

[Image: "Deep inside the century-old wheelpit that is the beginning of the Rankine Generating Station Tailrace" (view bigger)].

[Image: Ottawa's Governor General's Drain].

[Image: "Looking into the bottom of the William B. Rankine G.S. wheelpit from the Rankine tailrace"].

[Image: Inside a distributor tunnel at the Ontario Generating Station drain; meanwhile, I can't help but imagine what it'd be like if architects began building hotel lobbies like this: you check into your boutique hotel in London – and nearly pass out in awe...].

[Images: Disused hydroelectric machinery: top/bottom].

[Image: Abandoned cash registers].

[Image: Inside The Skin of a Lion, Toronto].

Westview Greenbelt Drain; North York

photos by Michael Cook 

Tags: ~toronto, удивительное рядом

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