Fashion of apocalypse.

Модельеры уже давно готовились...

Rooney Mara for AnOther Magazine A/W17 by Tim Walker

Alexander McQueen Details | Spring 2012 Details

Bjork / Empire of the Sun @ Bonnaroo, 6/15/2013 Выбор выходного дня № 192!

whatthecool: Nubrella is the 21st century umbrella. It is handsfree and the aerodynamic design blocks the wind and rain. COSTS: $49.99

Maison Margiela at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018 - Details Runway

The Four Horsemen: Fashion for the Apocalypse

A Modest Clara McNair Is Lensed By Léa Nielsen In 'Misty Dawn' For Vogue Italia December 2015

Maison Martin Margiela at Couture Fall 2012 - Details Runway


Shin Murayama's masks are a little bit disturbing but so very creative.

Steampunk Artifacts

Пластиковая защита лица от метелей. Канада, Монреаль, 1939 г.

Inspirations for Fashion Week Fall 2012.
WHiT "Romanticized space"

Expanding awareness completely without drugs: detail The "Mindexpander", an experiment by Haus-Rucker-Co from the 1960s @ HRC Laurids Ortner

Dieselpunk and Atompunk
Steampunk is technically the period from Victorian England to the first world war, but done in a science fiction way. A past that never was. After WWI? It’s all dieselpunk, baby



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