March 31st, 2014

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Picture of the Day: Long Exposure Keyboard Zoom

“Setup the camera tripod, set the camera to manual with ISO 400, 4 sec exposure, and 5.6 aperture then started the exposure, with the shutter open I zoomed the lens pausing at the be[ginn]ing and end. It took a ton of tries to get it right. The room was also completely dark except the keyboard backlight. You can bump the exposure time if you want to use a smaller aperture or ISO. Also depending on how bright the backlight is on your keyboard you may have to lower the ISO anyways. I centered on the letter “L” because my name is Luke.”   source

“The White City” and "Windows of New York"

“The White City”
крупнейшая в мире коллекция здание Баухауза
Tel Aviv Bauhaus

by Avner Gicelter
Каждую неделю, художник загружает новые, подробные рендеринги  зданий, с адресом на английском и иврите.
 Сейчас на сайте 23 из  4000 зданий Тель-Авива в стиле Баухауз.

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