June 7th, 2012

Toronto Film Festival

Toronto Russian Film Festival (June 7-12; Innis Town Hall)
Previewed thoroughly here. Most screenings take place at Innis College's Town Hall, though there are a couple of afternoon programmes on the 10th that play at the ROM. Ticket prices vary, so check out their ticketing page for details.

Toronto Japanese Film Festival (June 7-21; Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre)
This festival isn't as endless as the dates indicate, as there's a five-day hiatus between the penultimate film and the Closing Night presentation of Friends After 3.11. In its inaugural year, TJFF is going all out to bring us a healthy slate of Canadian and Toronto premieres, even if the JCCC is way the hell out near Don Mills. It's a pretty solid and eclectic mix of films, really, with major auteurs like Sion Sono and Takashi Miike presenting their new films Guilty of Romance and Harakiri - Death of a Samurai (respectively), as well as hits from local festival like Chronicle of My Mother. Tickets are $10 per film ($8 for JCCC members); a couple of screenings are already sold-out, so act fast if you intend to make it out to any of these.

Luminato & TIFF Go to the Movies (June 8-17; TIFF Bell Lightbox)
Briefly touched on here, Luminato is fast becoming the do-it-all event of Toronto summers. As if bombastic art shows, magic acts, stage plays and frickin' Einstein on the Beach weren't enough, they're also bringing one of the most exciting and singularly curated selections of films to the Lightbox in some time (there's even, egad, a silent film!). This is in large part because they've opted to highlight the career of Robert Lepage this year, whose career is pretty all over the map. Among other gems, Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures, Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast, and Robert Weine's 1920 expressionist masterpiece The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari will play at the Lightbox for only $5 a pop. Tickets go on sale day-of; go to all of them, and expect long lines.

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi

А что я про него? Да просто так, собственно.
Просто в Торонто будет фестиваль японских фильмов и там будет фильм Leonie про его родителей: американскую журналистку и японского поэта Yone Noguchi 

Osaka, japan
“Nine floating Fountains”,

Collapse )Bayfront Park  во Флориде, где мы проводили солнце, тоже его
И японский сад на территории ЮНЕСКО в Париже , про который я рассказывала тут , тоже его  

Я, правда в кино все равно не попаду, оно в воскресенье, а меня здесь не будет.