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Дымящая гитара Би Би Кинга

423 Yonge St

Toronto music icons (top to bottom):

Ronnie Hawkins – Hawkins is depicted strutting his stuff as an ode to his famous rooster moves and the times he brought his rockabilly style to the street.
Glenn Gould – Gould was raised in the Beach neighbourhood, but quickly found a career as broadcaster and a pianist who performed at Yonge Street’s Massey Hall.
Dianne Brooks – This Candian vocalist made her name in the jazz music industry performing at The Bluenote club.
Muddy Waters – This famous blues artist might have been grown up in Mississippi, but he often played a small club called Colonial Tavern when he visited Toronto.
Shirley Matthews – This Ontarian pop singer was a hit at Yonge Street’s Club Bluenote, whose house band helped her launch her solo career.
B. B. King – Just like Muddy Waters, King came from the U.S., but always made sure to perform at Colonial Tavern during his Toronto trips.
Gordon Lightfoot – This Canadian legend has played plenty of Yonge Street venues including Massey Hall and decades earlier, Steele’s Tavern, where he celebrated his first U.S. single being released.
Oscar Peterson - This jazz pianist recorded an entire live album from Yonge Street’s Town Tavern.
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