... (anirik_01) wrote,

Margaret Atwood

by Chris Buck

“It was the ’90s, and we were shooting for Saturday Night magazine in my old professor’s house in Cabbagetown. She always had this whimsical, Mona Lisa smile look on her face. I said, ‘I’m not going to do that.’ At first, I wasn’t getting far with her. There was some disconnect. Then I started telling her a story about photographing Robertson Davies in 1992 at Massey College. He was absolutely intimidating. I told Atwood that I sensed he wasn’t interested in me. She stopped me and said, ‘I only knew him a little bit, but given the kind of writer he was, I’d say he was interested. My gut says he would have been interested in you.’ After that, she opened up.”

Tags: book, photo, ~toronto

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