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Toronto Design Offsite Festival (Jan. 18-24) 
Toronto Design Offsite is in full swing but you've only got a few days left to get in on the action. Luckily, there's plenty to do and see, including Outside the BoxSMORGASBORD and blindfolded walking tours. See the 2016 here.

Come Up To My Room (Jan. 21-24)
The 13th edition of Come Up To My Room has brought the works of Canadian and American artists, designers and collectives to the Gladstone. If you want to party with art-minded individuals, head to the hotel on the Saturday for the Love Design Party. You'll get the chance to drink and dance in the ballroom and then head out to explore the exhibits. Don't miss Ferris Bueller's bedroom.

Interior Design Show (Jan. 21-24)
If you believe that IKEA is the pinnacle of home decor, you should probably reserve tickets for the Interior Design Show. The event will introduce you to leading brands and homegrown talent, showcasing pieces much more interesting than EKERÖ armchairs and LEIRVIK bed frames.

Bite Me (Until Jan. 23)
Erin Rothstein, a Montrealer who's currently based in Toronto, creates hyperrealistic paintings of food. Satiate your craving for art by checking out her solo show happening right now at Coldstream Fine Art. It ends on the 23rd, so get there ASAP.

Complex Social Change (Until Jan. 24)
This incredibly relevant exhibition, happening on the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, is an import from the University of Lethbridge. Considering the very public protests and debates happening at universities across North America, this is a show that'll give you lots to think about before it closes on Sunday.

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