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Словацкого художника Martin Vargic

Crazy-talented 17-year-old Slovakian artist Martin Vargic has an entire book of maps out now, which features this, the "Map of Stereotypes."

К ней стоит приглядеться поближе.
В Канаде как всегда, главный стереотип - кленовый сироп.
А в Испании, например, издеваются на животными. Не знала.
У Парижа альтернативное имя - Писсуар.
А Санкт-Питербург- это Ленинград (Для меня, действительно, до сих пор..)
Вообще, интересные вещи иногда вычитываются, если присмотреться к шрифту помельче :))

"I gathered the data from a wide variety of sources; many were gathered from TV tropes and online forums."

The level of detail is insane, and the stereotypes, ranging from country-wide to regional, are quite hilarious.

"The map also contains a large number of pop culture references from various popular movies and pieces of fiction."

"I am sure there were people who took offence at the map and misunderstood its main purpose. However, the online response was generally much more positive than I originally expected."

Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping out the Modern World by Martin Vargic is available from Penguin.

In the US, it’s available from Harper Design


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Еще у этого художника есть чудесная карта литературы - Map Of Literature
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