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Игрушечный поезд-призрак едет по Канаде

Originally posted at Игрушечный поезд-призрак едет по Канаде

Это проект “The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada” фотографа Джеффа Фрисена (Jeff Friesen): маленький поезд "едет" по необъятной стране. Огромные папоротники, пшеничные поля, камни-гиганты и долгие деревянные перила – бесконечные трудности, которые километр за километром преодолевает The Canadian.

Джефф шутит, что купить билет на поезд и взять фотоаппарат для него слишком просто. Гораздо интереснее прихватить с собой в путешествие крохотный состав, который будет путешествовать по Канаде вместе с хозяином. Кстати, поезд на фотографиях, – миниатюрная копия ж/д состава Streamliner. В 1955 году такой курсировал между Монреалем и Ванкувером, сегодня его мини-двойник снова, постукивая, едет по рельсам, преодолевая свой игрушечный маршрут....

Algonquin Park, Ontario
You can versions of this landscape—water, stone, and evergreens—across Canada and Algonquin Park feels like the heart of it all.

Autumn Woods, Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia's Acadian hardwood forests are ablaze with colour in autumn.

Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
The northern coves of Bruce Peninsula National Park are little pockets of magic.
Sculpted limestone cliffs make for endless miniature landscapes, perfect for exploration with The Canadian.
One surprise here is the clear turquoise water that could be mistaken for the Caribbean Sea. It may take a winter visit to convince me this isn’t a tropical paradise.

Spray Tunnel, Nova Scotia
Another perilous location that was hard to resist placing The Canadian into.
The whole set-up took a couple of hours because I needed to balance on wet stones while moving the train and photography gear to the falls. Meanwhile, the rising tide had almost blocked the way out of this rocky cove on Cape Breton Island.

Lightning Storm, Ontario
The Canadian rolls above Ottawa during a summer electrical storm.
This photograph was made right behind the Parliament Buildings and attracted the attention of a Mountie on security detail. (It’s best not to be doing anything too interesting near the Parliament Buildings).
A sudden gust of wind blew the train onto the pavement below, which explains the dome car’s missing window. I found it later along with other various train parts on the ground.

Morning Mist, Quebec
It’s never easy to leave a warm sleeping bag on a cold autumn morning, but it is hard to resist the sight of mist rising from a calm lake.
Georgia O’Keefe’s Music In Pink And Blue Number 2 is one of my favourite paintings so I like to find those colours together in the landscape.

Rolling Steel, Saskatchewan
Steel meets steel on the prairie landscape near Swift Current.
The silos look like blunt rockets ready for lift-off.

Yoho Pass, British Columbia
High up in Yoho National Park intercontinental trains make their way over the great divide. The famous spiral tunnels through the mountains are not far from here.
The low rumbling of train engines is a constant presence in this mountain valley, but The Canadian passes silently.

Fundy Fog Forest, New Brunswick
A little valley next to the Bay of Fundy glows green from constant moisture. The Canadian looks at home in this fairy-tale landscape.
The combination of moss and mist absorbs sound, giving a surreal sonic atmosphere to the fog forest.

Cape Breton Shore, Nova Scotia
I like to imagine The Canadian emerging from the water after crossing the ocean from Newfoundland.
A disaster struck shortly after this peaceful looking photograph was made. While I was dissembling the train a couple of the rear cars fell into the water. It doesn’t quite show in the photograph because of the slow shutter-speed, but a fast moving stream is emptying into ocean below the log.

Cascade Crossing, Quebec
The Canadian train makes a perilous crossing at Luskville Falls in Gatineau Park. There is an attraction to having The Canadian encounter dangerous situations, but it is always nerve-racking.

Mossy Crossing, Quebec
The Canadian makes a high crossing in La Mauricie National Park.
It is always difficult finding enough flat ground to set up The Canadian and I am grateful for fallen trees.

Golden Harvest, Manitoba
Wheat and foxtails appear to brush the sky with glowing honey light.
This is the landscape I grew up with, a horizon so big it could lead you anywhere—and it’s never long before you hear the sound of a passing train in the distance.

Five Islands, Nova Scotia
Red rock landscapes are rare in most of Canada but they are fairly common in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Here at Five Islands Provincial Park the world's highest tides provide a dynamic backdrop for The Canadian.

Kejimkujik, Nova Scotia
Kejimkujik National Park (or "Keji" for short) has the classic Canadian canoeing landscape of rocks, lakes, and trees. Since Kejimkujik means tired muscles you may wish to explore the area by miniature train.

Lake Louise, Alberta
The Canadian attracts attention when it is set up where other people happen to be. Here it passes through the most photographed landscape in Canada, Lake Louise in Banff National Park.
There are a large gaggle of tourists behind me admiring and photographing the train. I’m always glad to see people’s delighted reaction when they see the model Canadian in the landscape.

Cuckold's Cove, Newfoundland
Newfoundland is known for colourful place-names and Cuckold's Cove is a safe introduction to that.
This photograph marked the end of a June day filled with whales and birds and every type of weather.

The Rock, Newfoundland
Newfoundland’s nickname is The Rock and that’s what was on my mind while taking this picture in Middle Cove.

High Water, British Columbia
The summer of 2012 was a time of extensive flooding in the Okanagan Valley, which is when and where this photograph was made.
To recognize this time in history The Canadian was placed in high water spilling over a lake shore, with water rising over the tracks.

Edmonton City Hall, Alberta
A close-up of The Canadian's scenic dome car, the Skyline. The background is Edmonton's pyramid-like city hall and the water spraying from its fountains.

Cathedral Grove, British Columbia
Cathedral Grove is a small protected area of ancient Douglas-fir trees in central Vancouver Island.
The 800-year old trees create an atmosphere of reverence. Their old age seems mythical, but is the simple result of a seed that sprouted around the year 1200—too long ago to properly comprehend.

Badlands, Alberta
At the last moment of a prairie sunset The Canadian rolls across the otherworldly landscape near Drumheller, Alberta.
While the dinosaurs that walked here are now fossils there are still Jurassic mosquitos to contend with.

Driftwood, British Columbia
The Canadian avoids giant seagulls by passing through hollow driftwood in Howe Sound.

Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Along Lake Simcoe’s shores are miniature mossy miniature gardens best experienced close to the ground.

Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick
Kouchibouguac National Park protects a series of salt-water marshes that are sheltered and bursting with life.
This bridge provides passage over a still marsh to a barrier beach with crashing ocean waves.

Cavendish Shore, Prince Edward Island
When the weather is good Prince Edward Island is idyllic. Its colour palette of emerald fields, red shorelines, and blue ocean has a perfect balance.
I hope L.M. Montgomery would appreciate a sprite-scaled model train rolling underfoot in her childhood stomping grounds.

Prairie Light, Manitoba
When you're from the prairies the sky becomes your landscape. There can be several weather systems swirling across the sky simultaneously, making an unlikely mix of sunny summer skies and storm clouds as seen in this photograph.

Prairie Skyway, Saskatchewan
A bird watching tower rail becomes a soaring viaduct for The Canadian.
It’s always a surprise to discover sea-like Chaplin Lake in landlocked Saskatchewan, but there it is right beside the Trans-Canada highway.

Totem Forest, British Columbia
The rainforest watches The Canadian's crossing in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Trans Canada West, British Columbia
Just steps away from the western end of the Trans Canada Highway is this driftwood strewn beach.
The Canadian is shiny brand new here, as this was the first photo made for the series. I also learned how difficult it is to set up a model train outdoors...time passed and now it's twilight.



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