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Какую квартиру можно снять за $1000 в Торонто?

Не местные, кто меня читает, наверняка не подписананы на Блог Торонто.
Возможно кому-то будет интересно какую квартиру можно снять в разных районах Торонто за 1000 долларов.
Выборка, конечно, не репрезентативна. Дальше от центра дешевле.
Вспомнила сколько мы платили за кв. с двумя спальнями (на Bathurst and Eglinton, кто знает) 19 лет назад - $700.
Скоро уже смогу рассказывать, будет сопоставимо, как мне лет десять назад рассказывал дядечка, сервировавший шаварму, что когда он приехал в Торонто(лет 30 или 40) , квартира на Квин стрит стоила $75 долларов в месяц.

Originally posted by blogto at What kind of apartment does $1000 get you in Toronto?


apartment rental torontoWhat does 1,000 bucks a month get you in Toronto's ever-competitive rental market? It's a benchmark number, one that provides a glimpse into the type of value (or lack thereof) you can expect to find when apartment hunting. From the dark and dingy to a one bedroom gem, here I compare six rental listings on Craigslist in this price range as a way of establishing what's worth the money and what's worth taking a pass on.

Here are six Toronto apartment rentals in the $1,000 range.

$1,050 in the Annex

toronto apartmentThis one bedroom basement apartment in the Annex is not pretty. It's 500 square feet with bars on the windows and a floor heater.

Move on if: Your student paycheck can't afford the Annex. Try Dundas for slightly cheaper rents.

$1,010 at Yonge and Wellesley

toronto apartmentHere's a cozy bachelor apartment with 525 square feet. There's not much to see and the floor plan is posted.

Move on if: A vintage elevator freaks you out. Thankfully, you can walk up stairs to this second floor unit.

$1,000 at Dufferin and Davenport

toronto apartmentA cute one bedroom basement apartment that's never been lived in. There's a brand new toilet and kitchen.

Move on if: A basement apartment is not your thing. Plus, you're slightly concerned that the unit is renting for $1,000 a "mouth."

$1,010 at Richmond and Niagara

toronto apartmentIt's a tight squeeze for this 236 square foot bachelor near Queen West. It might come fully furnished but does it include a Murphy Bed?

Move on if: You get claustrophobic walking into the Sam James Coffee Pocket.

$1,000 in St. Clair West

toronto apartment 1000 dollarsAt St. Clair and Christie, you can rent a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment on the second floor of a retail space. It's a renovated unit, although there's no photos to corroborate.

Move on if: You don't want to live above a restaurant. Watch out for unwanted pests and odours.

$980 at Danforth and Pape

201519-craigslist-pape.jpgIt's a parquet lovers dream space near Danforth and Pape. It's a one bedroom with a balcony and underground parking available.

Move on if: You want more than one bedroom without breaking the bank. There's a two bedroom renting in the same building for $1,100/month.

What do you think? Would rent any of these apartments?

Writing by Alana Charles

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