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Наглядные руководства в картинках

I like this because you can really do what you want. I made the most amazing hummus just now with chickpeas, jalapeño, cilantro, olive oil, onion powder, cumin, and coarse black pepper. Mmmmmm homemade soup Amazzzzing!  Checkout my website and support my new clothing line and my mission to help orphans in Uganda

The Easiest Homemade Hummus Guide egg guide

Coffee Guide.

tea guide

homemade soup 12 soup recipes ♥

Herb Guide To Cooking - Perfect for those fresh summer herbs

A guide to winter squash! How handy is this? via @Oh My Veggies

Entertaining Guide: Wine  Cheese from Little Family Adventure  Wine and cheese paring guide to help make your next party a success!

The right glass . . . lots of info including tips:  1)  Always fill glasses one-third full.  This makes sure oxygen can get in, & leaves room to swirl the wine, which helps it release aroma  2) It’s best to wash wine glasses with very hot water only–if you have to use detergent, limit yourself to a few drops.  Soap causes buildup in your glasses that interferes with the tastes of the wine.

Wine Dessert Pairings. Good to know! (Though in our opinion, wine can pair with just about anything..) Classic cocktails - ingredients, garnishes, stemmed glasses and tumblers. Handy reference to keep nearby.

The Anatomy of Sangria via Foodista. What a fun info graphic and a great guide for making your own sangria.

Spice it Up Chili Guide / Williams Sonoma

Frosting tips and their uses.  Decorating bag tips.  This is where all decorating begins. Tips by the score help you produce your favorite techniques—lifelike floral arrangements, intricate lacework, bold shell borders, basketweave designs and more!

Common Wild Foods of Spring - Foraging Guide and Recipes, I don't know about eating all of this but it looks interesting...

I will eat all of these as soon as I can source them without a load of pesticides because they are pretty delicate to rinse

RecipeTin Eats | 3 Ingredient Smoothie Guide - most are vegan, for the 2 that are not, sub the yoghurt with almond or coconut milk!

Amazzzzing!  Checkout my website and support my new clothing line and my mission to help orphans in Uganda

DIY dried fruit without a dehydrator! Make it in your oven with this guide

Americans are addicted to sugar. We eat 22 teaspoons per day. It keeps us fat and happy so we don't yell at the politicians. ;-) So go green.

Calories and Food Posted on October 15, 2012 by PositiveMed Team I love this poster! A quick glance shows the calories of every day foods. It’s so much easier when you can keep a running total of how many you’ve had, sometimes it may surprise you. I always like to have an idea of how many calories everything is, helps me to make better food choices, enjoy!

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