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Невероятная задача

Невероятная задача--Конкурс архитектурных идей, от компании Ruukki в сотрудничестве с Helsinki Design Week, компанией Snøhetta и городом Оулу.

Приняв участие в конкурсе на дизайн Арктического логистического центра Санта Клауса вы можете выиграть 10 недель оплачиваемой стажировки в компании Snøhetta

Подробности под катом

Finnish company Ruukki just launched the Unbelievable Challenge, a design competition with an awesome proposition: design a new logistics hub for Santa Claus and you could win a fully paid 10-week internship (valued at €25,000 after taxes) at Snøhetta, the internationally-renowned architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and brand company in Oslo, Norway. Open to architecture professionals and students, the competition calls for innovative solutions to expanding and streamlining Santa Claus’ delivery, distribution, and storage operations at a new logistics center in the city of Oulu, Finland. The energy-efficient and sustainable logistics hub should help create an inspiring cityscape and “set a visionary example of how to make the whole area attractive for new uses.” The deadline for entries is 12 Noon EET, November 17, 2014. Click through for more details.


November 17th, 2014


November 17th, 2014




The submitter of the winning proposal is awarded a fully paid 10-week internship for one person at Snøhetta, the international architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and brand design company in Oslo, Norway. The internship will begin at the end of August 2015. The intern will be given the opportunity to work on interesting projects corresponding to their area of expertise and interest. The approximate total value of the internship is € 25,000 (including salary, taxes, deductions and rent for an apartment in Oslo). The details of the internship will be agreed more specifically between the winner and Snøhetta. If the winning proposal is made by a team of more than one person, that team will choose the intern.

Additionally, the jury will award the winning proposal and a minimum of four (4) other proposals with a cash prize of € 1,000 each, and may also give honourable mentions.



The team uploads the entry at ruukki.com/challenge > Submit your proposal


The uploading must be done at the latest on 12:00 (noon, EET) 17th November 2014. Because of the large number of proposals to be uploaded we advise you to not wait until the last moment. We also remind you to mind the time zone. It is the responsibility of the participants that the proposals are delivered in time. Entries that are sent after deadline will be disqualified and not evaluated by the jury.


Concept description in writing (max A4)

Diagrams explaining the concept

Site plan 1:2000

An exterior view

Plan 1:500

Section drawing 1:500


A lying (‘landscape) A2 document of maximum 3 pages, in one pdf file. Please make sure that the texts in the entry remain readable also when printed in size A3. The file size of the pdf should not exceed 20 mb.

The main exterior view as a separate jpeg file, with a height of 2.000 pixels.


The members of the jury are:

Eli Synnevåg

Senior Architect MNAL, Snøhetta, Norway

Marta Sękulska-Wrońska

Architect and Partner, WXCA, Poland

Petteri Lautso

Director, sustainability, Ruukki, Finland

Kari Korkman

Founder & Director, Helsinki Design Week, Finland

Honorary Member of Aalto University - School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Ritva Kuusisto

Architect, City of Oulu, Finland

Santa Claus

Investor, Korvatunturi, Finland

Secretary of the jury: Tiina Tukia, VP marketing, Ruukki (will not take part in the evaluation of the entries).

Read more: Design Santa Claus' Arctic Logistics Center and You Could Win a Fully Paid 10-Week Internship with Snøhetta | Design Competitions

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