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Скульптурный парк в Гелфе

Donald Forster Sculpture Park

 photo DSCN2785.jpg  photo DSCN2777.jpg

 photo DSCN2790.jpg

Andreas Drenters, Pioneer Family, 1988 (steel and copper)
 photo DSCN2771.jpg

Kim Adams, Crab Legs (Studio), 1994 (steel, plexiglass, and aluminum)
 photo DSCN2772.jpg

Tony Urquhart, Magic Wood, 1987 (steel)

 photo DSCN2774.jpg

 photo DSCN2799.jpg

Evan Penny, Monad, 1989-1990 (cement fondu, steel) Gift of the Artist, 1999
 photo DSCN2775.jpg

Brian Scott, Stray Plow, 1993 (aluminum boat, outboard motor, and stainless steel)
 photo DSCN2776.jpg

Mary Anne Barkhouse & Michael Belmore, Colony, 2007 (granite and bronze)
 photo DSCN2777.jpg

 photo DSCN2779.jpg

Ted Fullerton, Achilles, 2001-2002 (bronze and steel)
 photo DSCN2780.jpg

Kosso Eloul, Passages, 1985 (steel and concrete)
 photo DSCN2781.jpg

Jane Buyers, Agricultura, 1997 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2783.jpg

Susan Detwiler, Camp, 2005 (bronze and stone)
 photo DSCN2785.jpg

 photo DSCN2786.jpg

 photo DSCN2787.jpg

Michael Davey, Short Life, Long Branch, 2007-2009 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2788.jpg

John Greer, Feather, 1997 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2790.jpg

 photo DSCN2791.jpg

Tom Dean, Desire, 2003 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2792.jpg

Evan Penny, Mask, 1989 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2795.jpg

Gu Xiong, The Sickle and the Cell Phone, 2002 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2797.jpg

Cynthia Short, Lightmare, 1986 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2798.jpg

William Noah, Kivioq's Journey Ends, 2005 (limestone)
 photo DSCN2800.jpg

37. Janet Morton, Before Flight, 2012 (bronze, limestone)
 photo DSCN2801.jpg

Frances Loring, Turkey, circa 1932 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2802.jpg

Andrew T. Hunter with William John Hunter, In the Pines, 2001 (serigraph on aluminum, bronze)
 photo DSCN2803.jpg

Florence Wyle, The Harvester, 1938 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2804.jpg

Derek Sullivan, Push Pin, 2003 (painted stainless steel and bronze)
 photo DSCN2805.jpg

Carl Skelton, Canadiana/Begging Bear, 1995-1999 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2807.jpg

Michael Snow, Wood Calling Bronze, 1989 (bronze)
 photo DSCN2809.jpg

358 Gordon Street,
Guelph, ON, N1G 1Y1
Tags: sculpture, ~ca-on_kitchener-waterloo, ~canada_ontario, мои фото

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