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В 1958 по 1963 год Arthur Radebaugh публиковал колонку по воскресеньям в газете Chicago Tribune.
Что-то сбылось, что-то нет.



Some unusual inventions for home entertainment and education will be yours in the future, such as the "television recorder" that RCA's David Sarnoff described recently. With this device, when a worthwhile program comes over the air while you are away from home, or even while you're watching it, you'll be able to preserve both the picture and sound on tape for replaying at any time. Westinghouse's Gwilym Price expects such tapes to reproduce shows in three dimensions and color on screens as shallow as a picture. Another pushbutton development will be projection of microfilm books on the ceiling or wall in large type. To increase their impact on students, an electronic voice may accompany the visual passages. -

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Man-made balls of fire may be used to light up tomorrow's cities. American scientists are currently pondering an idea along those lines that was first described in technical papers by George Babat, a Russian.

Bendix researcher Donald Ritchie recently reported that balls of light -- actually miniature suns -- might be created by focusing huge transmitting devices so that the rays they generate would cross each other and produce electromagnetic fields. These luminous fields could be used to light up large areas underneath them. Rays would be pointed as necessary to determine exactly where the artificial "sunlight" would fall.

Push-Button Education - May 25, 1958

Tomorrow’s schools will be more crowded; teachers will be correspondingly fewer. Plans for a push-button school have already been proposed by Dr. Simon Ramo, science faculty member at California Institute of Technology. Teaching would be by means of sound movies and mechanical tabulating machines. Pupils would record attendance and answer questions by pushing buttons. Special machines would be “geared” for each individual student so he could advance as rapidly as his abilities warranted. Progress records, also kept by machine, would be periodically reviewed by skilled teachers, and personal help would be available when necessary.

Wrist Watch TV - April 17, 1960


Closer Than We Think! Hydrofungal Farming (1962)



"Pogo" Police Car - May 4, 1958

Farm Automation - March 30, 1958

Gravity in Reverse - June 29, 1958


Closer Than We Think! Universal Language Boxes (1960)


Hospitals in the Sky! (1958)

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Chrysler VP Predicts Solar-Powered Cars (1958)

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One-World Job Market (1959)

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Corner Grocermat (1959)

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Rejuvenated Downtowns (1959)


"Factory" Farms of the Future (1961)

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Robot Railroading (1960)

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Quick-Change Car Colors (1958)

Quick-Change Car Colors (1958)

Disaster Response Vehicle (1960)

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The Sno-Melter (1960)

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Highways by Automation (1958)


Bloodless Surgery, Closer Than We Think! (1959)



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