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Монреальская солянка

Montreal City Hall photo IMG_3067.jpg

Montreal City Hall
Montreal City Hall photo IMG_3058.jpg

Montreal City Hall photo IMG_3052.jpg

Montreal City Hall photo IMG_3050.jpg

Montreal City Hall photo IMG_3047.jpg

 photo IMG_3065.jpg

 photo IMG_3062.jpg

 photo IMG_3059.jpg

Place Jacques-Cartier

Place Jacques-Cartier photo IMG_3068.jpg

 photo IMG_3069.jpg

 photo IMG_3080.jpg

 photo IMG_3078.jpg

 photo IMG_3072.jpg

 photo IMG_3074.jpg

Victoria Square

Victoria Square photo IMG_3642.jpg

Victoria Square photo IMG_3643.jpg

 photo IMG_3629.jpg


Ministère du Développement économique, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation

Atrium Minist photo IMG_3633.jpg

Atrium Minist photo IMG_3636.jpg

 photo IMG_3644.jpg

 photo IMG_3648.jpg

 photo IMG_3599.jpg

 photo IMG_3646.jpg

 photo IMG_3612.jpg

 photo IMG_3618.jpg

 photo IMG_3619.jpg

 photo IMG_3575.jpg

 photo IMG_3573.jpg

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

mus photo IMG_3545.jpg

mus photo IMG_3557.jpg

mus photo IMG_3564.jpg

mus photo IMG_3561.jpg

 photo IMG_3565.jpg

mus photo IMG_3559.jpg

mus photo IMG_3560.jpg

mus photo IMG_3550.jpg

mus photo IMG_3546.jpg

mus photo IMG_3553.jpg

mus photo IMG_3554.jpg

mus photo IMG_3552.jpg

 photo IMG_3283.jpg

Olympic Stadium

 photo IMG_3135.jpg

Olympic Stadium photo IMG_3127.jpg

Olympic Stadium photo IMG_3125.jpg

Olympic Stadium photo IMG_3130.jpg

Olympic Stadium photo IMG_3132.jpg

Olympic Stadium photo IMG_3122.jpg

Clock Tower

Clock Tower photo IMG_3656.jpg

Clock Tower Beach

Clock Tower Beach photo IMG_3650.jpg

Clock Tower Beach photo IMG_3657.jpg

Clock Tower Beach photo IMG_3660.jpg

Clock Tower Beach photo IMG_3655.jpg

Тот самый Schwart's.

 photo IMG_3735.jpg

3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1L2 ‎
(514) 842-4813

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