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Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Детектор SNO (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory) — нейтринная обсерватория в Садбери, расположенная на глубине 2 км под землей в шахте Крейгтон, около города Садбери в Канаде. Детектор был предназначен для поиска Солнечных нейтрино. Детектор был включен в мае 1999 года и был отключен в ноябре 2006. В настоящее время (2012 год) происходит переоборудование для использование в эксперименте SNO+.

Акриловая сфера, окруженная фотоэлектрическими умножителями

Explanation: Two thousand meters below the ground, a giant sphere has begun to detect nearly invisible particles. These particles, neutrinos, are extremely abundant in the universe but usually go right through just about everything. By stocking this 12-meter sphere with an unusual type of heavy water and surrounding it with light detectors, astrophysicists hope to catch the occasional collision. Since the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) is sensitive to all types of neutrinos, future results might hold clues to how much neutrinos change types on the fly, how our own Sun emits neutrinos, and even how important neutrinos are to the composition of the entire universe.

Посетить ее (любопытствующим), к сожалению нельзя.
А жаль, фотографии завораживают


9,522 ultra-sensitive photomultiplier tubes attached to the geodesic sphere

credit: Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab - Roy Kaltschmidt, photographer


construction of the geodesic sphere that surrounds the acrylic cavity

credit: Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab - Roy Kaltschmidt, photographer


Heavy water tank at the sudbury neutrino observatory  sudbury neutrino observatory


For a hands on introduction to the science being conducted at SNOLAB visit the SNOLAB display at the Science North science centre located in Sudbury Ontario. The fourth floor, "Space Place" has multiple SNOLAB based exhibits including an object theatre called "Between the Stars", a 3-D model of the underground laboratory and videos about the journey underground!

SNOLAB Youtube Channel!

SNOLAB is located in an active mine, 6800 feet underground; as a result  tours are not available to the public. Under some circumstances it is possible to arrange tours for University, educational or research groups. Mining rules require that all persons on such tours be 18 years of age or older.

Знаю, что в Японии на лодочке плавают еще круче, но туда уж совсем попасть нереально.







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