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Маяки озера Мичиган

 photo IMG_6499.jpg
South Haven Lighthouse

Одной из достопримечательностью озера Мичиган являются маяки.
Нам тоже по дороге попалось несколько....

South Haven, Michigan photo IMG_6504.jpg
South Haven Lighthouse

South Haven, Michigan photo IMG_6500.jpg

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse photo IMG_6479.jpg
St. Joseph Pier Lighthouse

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse photo IMG_6489.jpg St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse photo IMG_6491.jpg

St. Joseph Pier Lighthouse

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse photo IMG_6490.jpg
St. Joseph Pier Lighthouse

Зимой это, конечно, выглядит намного драматичнее

или так >>>

St. Joseph North Pier photo IMG_6505.jpg

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse photo IMG_6484.jpg

 photo IMG_6849.jpg
Holland Harbor Light,

 photo IMG_6862.jpg
Holland Harbor Light,

 photo IMG_6841.jpg
Holland State Park.

 photo IMG_6860.jpg
Holland State Park.

В основном маяки находятся на севере Мичигана.

Может и стоит как нибудь устроить поездку на север штата по маякам с возвращением через Канаду, вокруг озера Гурон

Lighthouses of the United States: Michigan's Western Lower Peninsula

General Sources
Seeing the Lights: The Lighthouses of Michigan
A wonderful site by Terry Pepper, with fine photos, accounts of recent visits to many of the lighthouses, and extensive historical information.
Michigan Lighthouses
Excellent photos and information posted by Kraig Anderson.
Lighthouses of the Great Lakes
Maintained by Neil Schultheiss, this very fine site has excellent photos and accounts for most of the state's lighthouses.
Lighthouses in Michigan, United States
Aerial photos posted by Marinas.com.
Lake Michigan Lighthouses and Lake Superior Lighthouses
Photos by C.W. Bash.
Lighthouses of the Great Lakes
Photos available from Wikimedia.
Coast Guard Lighthouses - Michigan
Historic photos and notes, posted by the U.S. Coast Guard Historian's office.
Leuchttürme USA auf historischen Postkarten
Historic postcard images posted by Klaus Huelse.
National Maritime Inventory - Michigan
Inventory of Michigan lighthouse data.
Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association
GLLKA encourages lighthouse preservation throughout the Great Lakes states, but it is best known for its work preserving the Round Island and St. Helena Island Lights in the Straits of Mackinac area. The association has an excellent blog.
Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy
This organization is dedicated to the preservation of lighthouses and life saving stations throughout the state.
Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival
Based in Alpena, the festival is held annually in mid October and supports preservation efforts, especially for lighthouses of northwest Lake Huron and the Mackinac Straits area.
Michigan Lighthouse Fund
A non-profit organization, the fund channels state grants and private donations to support Michigan lighthouses.
Upper Peninsula Lighthouses on Lake Superior Open to the Public
Complete and well-illustrated accounts for 6 Upper Peninsula lights.
Lighthouses of the Straits of Mackinac
Fine photos posted by Keith Stokes.

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