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New Beginnings

Sunday, June 30 | 4pm

Toronto's Ton Beau Quartet launches the season with music by two well-known composers looking for fresh starts late in their careers: Dvorak's String Quartet No. 12 in F Major, Op. 96 ("American") and Beethoven's final String Quartet, Op. 135.

Thanks to our 2012 audiences


Mediterranean Baroque

Thursday, July 4 | 7pm

Popular tunes and rhythms from 17th-century Italy, Spain and Turkey make their way through baroque Europe in music by Vivaldi, Ortiz, Marais, Schmelzer and others. Kate Haynes (baroque cello), Christopher Verrette (baroque violin) and Matthew Wadsworth (theorbo).

Thanks to Sandra Simpson


Tom Bombadil's Kitchen

Thursday, July 11 | 7pm

The Montreal-based Bombadils cook up selections from the traditional Celtic and bluegrass repertoires, alongside their original compositions that blend in classical flavours, topped with jazz-inspired improvisation.


Terreno e vago

Thursday, July 18 | 7pm

Montreal's award-winning Pallade Musica performs music of earth and spirit from 17th-century Italy. Tanya LaPerrière (baroque violin), Elinor Frey (baroque cello), Esteban La Rotta, (theorbo) and Mylène Bélanger (harpsichord).

Thanks to Sonja & Michael Koerner.


"Send Me a Rose"

Sunday, July 21 | 4pm

The Lute Legends Ensemble brings together three ancient plucked string instruments in music from China, the Middle East and Europe, along with the world premiere of Andrew Donaldson's Parable. Lucas Harris (lute), Wen Zhao (pipa) and Bassam Bishara (oud).


Evening Ragas by the Water

Thursday, July 25 | 7pm

South Asian-Canadian virtuosi Aruna Narayan (sarangi) and Vineet Viyas (tabla) perform contemplative ragas associated with evening. With Akshay Kalle, tanpura.

Thanks to K.M. Hunter Foundation.


On the Shoreline: A (Not Always) Quiet Exchange!

Sunday, July 28 | 4pm

Three musical friends meet on the shore of Lake Ontario to share magical sounds and colours: clarinets, percussion instruments, First Nations vocals and instrumentals, and a cameo appearance by the ancient Persian lute, the tar. Peter Stoll, Richard Moore and Barbara Croall.


Mist-Covered Mountains

Thursday, August 1 | 7pm

A welcome return of Celtic-French Canadian fiddler Donna Hébert, Molly Hébert-Wilson (voice) and Max Cohen (guitar).


A Taiko Tale of Two Cities

Thursday, August 8 | 7pm

Toronto's Nagata Shachu ensemble welcomes Jason Matsumoto from Chicago's Ho Estu Taiko, for an evening of thrilling Japanese drumming and flute playing.

In memory of Ben Saskin.


Jardins migrateurs / Itinerant Gardens

Sunday, August 11 | 4pm

Montreal's Constantinople Ensemble presents a poetic encounter between strings and voice, from the epics of the Mandingo Kingdom to the music of the Persian court. Ablaye Cissoko (kora and vocals), Kiya Tabassian (setar and vocals), Pierre-Yves Martel (viola da gamba) and Ziya Tabassian (percussion).

Thanks to the Gail Asper Family Foundation in memory of the late great Israel Asper's birthday on August 11th, 1932.


Arcadian Visions

Thursday, August 15 | 7pm

Montreal-based violist Pemi Paull presents music by from the 17th century to today, by Oesterle, Hovhaness, Enescu, Gabrielli and Mahler.


Cajun in the Cattails

Sunday, August 18 | 4pm

Toronto's own traditional Cajun band, Swamperella, transform the Music Garden into a Backyard Bayou.


Egalité: the String Quartet Edition

Thursday, August 22 | 7pm

Members of New York's Gretchen's Muse ensemble perform string quartets by Haydn and Mozart on period instruments. Abigail Karr and Vita Wallace (violins), Kyle Miller (viola), Beiliang Zhu (cello).

Thanks to Invesco.


Strings of Change

Sunday, August 25 | 4pm

Sharon Lee (violin), Sybil Shanahan (cello), and Rob MacDonald (guitar) perform music by Paganini, Giuliani and Bach, and give the world premiere of Kevin Lau's Winds of Change.

Thanks to an anonymous donor.



Thursday, August 29 | 7pm

TorQ Percussion Quartet explores the primal elements – earth, water, air, fire and more – in music by Steve Reich, John Luther Adams and members of TORQ.

Thanks to Sandra & Jim Pitblado.


Here comes the Sun

Sunday, September 8 | 4pm

The Cecilia String Quartet performs Haydn's String Quartet in D Major, from the "Sun" Quartets, Op. 20, and Ravel's String Quartet in F Major.

Thanks to Invesco.


Bach at Dusk – plus Hossfeld

Thursday, September 12 | 7pm

Baroque cellist Kate Bennett Haynes performs Bach's Suite No. 3 in C Major for unaccompanied cello, and gives the world premiere of a new work by Christopher Hossfeld, commissioned by Harbourfront Centre for the Music Garden.

Thanks to the Gail Asper Family Foundation.


Songs of the Northern Seas: Maritime Music from Scandinavia, Scotland and Canada

Sunday, September 15 | 4pm

With a focus on northern legends, myths and dance music inspired by the sea, Ensemble Polaris celebrates the "big waters" that connect us all.

Thanks to our 2012 audiences.


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