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USA MapPorn


United States food map

Median Age of U.S. States

Map of U.S. religiosity (2011)

Concentration of U.S. African American pop.

Percentage U.S. population change, 2000-2010 

Predominant Church bodies of the U.S. (2000)

U.S. obesity rates (2008)

Average temperature change in the USA over the past century 

Map of supposed UFO sightings 

Yearly probability of Collision with Deer while Driving in the USA

Map of (USA) what your state is the worst at

Dialects of the USA.

Who owns the west? Federal land as percentage of total state land 

Jewish Populations in the US 

Distribution of illegal immigrants amongst U.S. States

Capital Punishment in USA

Billionaires Per state 

Speed limits in USA (rural max) 

Growth of U.S. Dams and Reservoirs

Карта всех графств где побывал автор страницы, откуда я взяла все эти карты

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