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Turkel House - Frank Lloyd Wright

 Dorothy Turkel House
Palmer Woods, Detroit, Michigan --- 1955

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Дом построен Райтом в стиле Усониан или Юсониан (Usonian – United States of North America - дом доступный для среднего американца)
Райт надеялся, что этот стиль будет отражением американского духа.
Turkel House задуман в стиле Usonian Automatic - (Usonian Automatic - недорогие дома для среднего класса домовладельцев) и является единственным построенным  двух этажным домом этого стиля.

История дома начинается в 1955 году, когда Дороти Туркел, увлекавшаяся современным стилем, дочь человека, который сделал свои деньги на парковках, когда автомобили только входили в моду, попросила Фрэнк Ллойд Райта сделать для нее проект дома. 
Она прожила в этом доме до 1978 года, после чего дом сменил нескольких владельцев, пока его не купили Silk and Morgan, которые задумали масштабную реставрацию.

From the second-floor gallery, steel-frame glass doors open to the balcony, which overlooks the terrace. Five bedrooms were reduced to three in order to create a master suite with bath and walk-in closet.

The gallery, which runs 48 feet between the music room and “playroom,” features eight built-in cabinets and eight steel-frame glass doors that open to the terrace. The sculpture at the entrance to the music room is by James Tyler.

Original drawings and correspondence between Frank Lloyd Wright and Dorothy Turkel provided detailed information that helped direct the reconstruction of built-in furniture for the music room, where the walls are finished in Philippine mahogany and the space rises two stories (15 feet). Chenille globe pillows are firm enough to serve as armrests for the built-in seating. (A balcony sitting room overlooks the space. Behind the balcony is an office.) Three coffee tables and hassocks were built according to original plans, with construction approved by Taliesen, which is associated with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The authorized reproductions are marked as such with a stamp. The large turquoise artwork is by Norwegian artist Frank Brunner.

The only confirmed Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home within Detroit city limits is the Dorothy Turkel house on West Seven Mile Road in Palmer Woods. The L-shaped, 4,300-square-foot residence is distinctive for its concrete-block construction and windows set into pierced block. The lower level of the ell, designated as the “playroom” on original blueprints, will serve as a den when the restoration is complete this fall. The upper ell was converted to a master bath. Homeowners Norm Silk and Dale Morgan, who co-own Blossoms Birmingham, had the exterior concrete surfaces finished in red and the frames of the opening windows painted blue, both of which were done originally. Silk and Morgan added a water feature beside the terrace.

In the master bedroom, a custom headboard opens for storage.

The former kitchen cabinets were metal, as was common in that era. The original laundry and service area off the kitchen now includes a catering kitchen, which is convenient to the carport for party set-up. (Wright coined the term carport.) The kitchen counter is finished in red linoleum

Changes in the home were made to accommodate modern living, which meant modifying the intended uses of some rooms (a bedroom became the master bath) and updating the heating system. No walls were torn down and paneling was not changed.

Many of the home’s 400-plus windowpanes were replaced with thermal glass. About 50 scrub trees were removed on the double lot, which had gone untended for years. New plantings include trees and perennials, and a juniper hedge is planned. The landscape will include a bronze-colored gate at the driveway entrance.

The homeowners have no plans to cover the windows, although Turkel had draperies. At a certain point in the day, the windows become mirror-like, Morgan says.



Contact owner:

Norman Silk


Email: norm@blossomsbirmingham.com


Mailing address:


2760 West Seven Mile Road

Detroit, Michigan USA 48221

Also worth visiting: the Sherwood Forest neighborhood, right next door to Palmer Woods.


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