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Lost Toronto

Lost Toronto - A Tribute to the Lost Buildings of 19th and early 20th century Toronto
by William Dendy

The Customs House (Yonge/Front Street): c.1876

The Queen's Hotel (100 Front Street West @ York Street) c. 1886

The Second Union Station c. 1875

The Hotel Hanlan (Toronto Island) c. 1874

Victoria Row (87-97 King Street East) c. 1842

The General Post Office (36 Adelaide East) c.1873

The Grand Opera House (15 Adelaide West) c. 1873

The Normal and Model Schools (Ryerson Campus) c. 1851


The Armouries (University/Armoury Street) c. 1893

The Registry office (Modern day New City Hall) c. 1910
Снесли во время строительства нового Сити Холла

много фото
Tags: architecture, ~toronto, ~toronto-history, история

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