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Канада на Венецианском Биенале

Venice Biennale 2012: Migrating Landscapes / Canada Pavilion

Инсталяция “Migrating Landscapes”,
Авторы: Winnipeg-  5468796 Architecture and Jae-Sung Chon


О концепции http://migratinglandscapes.ca/project/migrating-landscapes
Почитать "STORIES" http://migratinglandscapes.ca/stories

Больше фото с Биенале http://www.archdaily.com/267162/venice-biennale-2012-migrating-landscapes-canada-pavilion/

и еще http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/22718/venice-biennale-2012-canadian-pavilion.html



Trap Line Cabins” | Tiffany Shaw-Collinge | Alberta



Dance of the Minarets” | Amirali Javidan | British Columbia



Carry On Belonging” | Alana Green,Philipp Dittus,Katy Young,Olena Chytra | British Columbia

An Unfinished Basement” | D’Arcy Jones | British Columbia


Kite” | Mira Yung,IMu Chan | British Columbia


The Winnipeg Condition” | Travis Cooke,Jason Kun | Manitoba


They will arrive one day” | Andre Silva,Chris Gilmour,Kory Kaspersion | Manitoba


Migrating {Bounded} Landscapes” | Jason Hare | Manitoba


Why New Brunswick?” | Stephen Kopp,Monica Adair,John Leroux,Jessie Croll,Alicia Halas | Maritimes

[Re]Settlement / [Re]Generation” | Marianna de Cola | Maritimes



Semi ( detached )” | Andrew Batay-Csorba,Jodi Batay-Csorba | Ontario


Memory Making” | Erica Pecoskie,George Simionopoulos | Ontario


Unfolded box; the first moment of rest” | Kfir Gluzberg,Liana Bresler | Ontario


In between the countryside and the city” | Jean-Nicolas Bouchard,Philippe Charest | Quebec


Pickle House” | Anca Matyiku,Chad Connery | Quebec


Quilt” | Enrique Enriquez | Quebec


Merging Landscapes” | Felix Tue | Quebec


” re | settlements” | Sony Mark Sin,Robyn Robertson,Victoria Yong-Hing,April Hiebert,Brad Pickard | Saskatchewan

Здесь подробнее о конкурсе http://migratinglandscapes.ca/competition



Tags: architecture, exhibition, ~italy_venice

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